Minggu, 08 Januari 2017


 Now i will to tell you about my holiday.

I'm so happy because i didn't get 'short semester' ,in semester 1 so my holiday was not disturbing in me.
first day in my holiday i and my friend spent our holiday in my friend's house for two days, my friend's house at Pondok Hijau.On afternoon I and my friend visited to Warung Modjok because Warung Modjok near in my friend's house,in their we talking about school because we are all different school and we took a picture after that, we back to my friend's house and directly take a bath to go Paris Van Java and watched the movie 'sing' because the day was late at night i and my friends reserve a grab to came back my friend's house. Next day on morning i and my friend's cleaned my friend's house because i must go back to my house. I'm so miss them until now.

When New Year's Eve i'm very badmood because alone in home and i directly call  my mom for invites mom to go Paris Van Java to midnight sale but when i windows shoping i just like skinny jeans and buy parfume, Before hour showed at 12.00 i and my mom came back to my house and celebrating New Year at the rooftop to see fireworks.

from new year until sunday

Minggu, 20 November 2016

                                                                                 Agnes Monica

Hasil gambar untuk biografi agnes monica dalam bahasa inggris dan singkatAgnes Monica Muljoto or known as Agnezmo is a famous singer and artist. She is the last child of two children from Ricky Suprapto and Jenny Siswono. Agnes has a brother named Steve Muljoto which also becomes her manager. Agnes completed her primary education in elementary of Tarakanita Jakarta, Junior High school Pelita Harapan, senior high school and University of Pelita Harapan. However, Agnes did not graduate in University of Pelita Harapan because she stopped and continued her education at Oregon States University (USO) majoring in Political Science.
Agnes Monica began her career in entertainment world as a young singer at the age of 6 years. Since she was young singer, Agnes had released three albums, namely The Meow, Yess !, and Bala-Bala, made She became the most popular singer in the 1990. Besides singing, Agnes widens her careers in presenting. She became a presenter on several television children shows. Agnes started to acting when she was a teenager. Her role in the soap opera of Pernikahan Dini (2001) made her name became more famous.

Although she had become a famous artist, she still continued her career as a singer. Agnes released her first adult album in 2003, entitled “And the Story Goes”. The album was re-popularized her name in the music industry. After being success in Indonesia, Agnes tried to broad her career in the international arena. She was involved in Asian drama series entitled, The Hospital and Romance in the White House in Taiwan. In 2005 she was a duet with one of the singers from United States named Keith Martin on his album entitled Whaddup.
Agnes managed to reach success because of her achievements in entertainment world. Her achievements are are awarded two years in a row (2008 and 2009) at the Asia Song Festival in Seoul, South Korea, becoming an emcee on the red carpet on American Music Awards 2010 in Los Angeles, Nine Music Award Indonesia, eight Panasonic Awards and four MTV Indonesia Awards. Because of her achievements, she was once believed to be the anti-drug ambassador of Asia and the ambassador of MTV EXIT in combating human trafficking.

Senin, 10 Oktober 2016

1.  Bell The Cat

There was a grocery shop in a town. Plenty of mice lived in that grocery shop. Food was in plenty for them. They ate everything and spoiled all the bags. They also wasted the bread, biscuits and fruits of the shop. 
The grocer got really worried. So, he thought "I should buy a cat and let it stay at the grocery. Only then I can save my things." 
He bought a nice, big fat cat and let him stay there. The cat had a nice time hunting the mice and killing them. The mice could not move freely now. They were afraid that anytime the cat would eat them up. 
The mice wanted to do something. They held a meeting and all of them tweeted "We must get rid of the cat. Can someone give a suggestion"? 
All the mice sat and brooded. A smart looking mouse stood up and said, "The cat moves softly. That is the problem. If we can tie a bell around her neck, then things will be fine. We can know the movements of the cat". 
“Yes, that is answer," stated all the mice. An old mouse slowly stood up and asked, "Who would tie the bell?" After some moments there was no one there to answer this question.

moral value: empty solutions are of no worth.

2. Why the Bat flies at Night

By Traditional
Once upon a time, in the distant past, there was a great war between the animals who live in the sky and those that live on the ground. Nobody now remembers how the war started or what it was about, but it was a terrible time. Many animals on both sides were wounded or killed, and eventually somebody said that if they carried on like this, there would be no animals left on the earth. So some of the sky animals and some of the ground animals had a meeting, and as nobody could recall what they were fighting each other for, it was agreed that a truce should be called, and peace declared.
For the sky dwellers, the heron was appointed to make the announcements, and for the ground animals, the hare would do this job, as he was able to get around the area very quickly. This was done the next morning, but as all animals settled down, realising they could now live in peace and rebuild their lives, some body found the body of Mr Bat. He was the last victim of the war, and must have been killed late the previous day. All the flying animals were very upset, and the decided to organise a big burial for their friend. But as they were preparing his body for the funeral, one of the birds noticed that Mr Bat had teeth in his mouth.
How was that possible? Flying animals don’t have teeth. They called a meeting, and they agreed that Bat can’t be one of them, as no other bird has teeth in his mouth. So they took bat’s body to the ground animals, and told them that as Mr Bat was not a bird, it was their responsibility to give him a decent burial.
 The ground animals agreed to accept the body, but then, as they were preparing for the burial, one of them shouted: “Wait a minute, this bat may have teeth, but he definitely also has wings! How can he be one of us if he has wings?”
So now the ground animals had a meeting to consider the problem, and they decided that no ground animal can have wings, so therefore, Mr Bat can’t be regarded as one of them. So they too, refused to bury Mr Bat.
 Poor Mr Bat, the flying animals refused to accept him because he has teeth, and the ground animals refused to accept him because he has wings. And that is why the bat is still flying around every night.
Found among the papers of John Fumey, my deceased father in law, in Madina, Accra.
Moral value: we must spread peace and accept everyone just the way are.

3. Elephant and Friends
y friend?” asked the elephant. Replied the monkey, “You are too big. You can not swing from trees like me.” Next, the elephant met a rabbit. He asked him to be his friends. But the rabbit said, “You are too big to play in my burrow!” Then the elephant met a frog.
“Will you be my friend? He asked.
“How can I?” asked the frog.
“You are too big to leap about like me.”
The elephant was upset. He met a fox next.
“Will you be my friend?” he asked the fox.
The fox said, “Sorry, sir, you are too big.”
The next day, the elephant saw all the animals in the forest running for their lives. The elephant asked them what the matter was. The bear replied, “There is a tiger in the forest. He’s trying to gobble us all up!” The animals all ran away to hide. The elephant wondered what he could do to solve everyone in the forest. Meanwhile, the tiger kept eating up whoever he could find. The elephant walked up to the tiger and said, “Please, Mr. Tiger, do not eat up these poor animals.”
“Mind your own business!” growled the tiger.The elephant has a no choice but to give the tiger a hefty kick. The frightened tiger ran for his life. The elephant ambled back into the forest to announce the good news to everyone. All the animals thanked the elephant. They said, “You are just the right size to be our friend.
Moral value: we should be brave to say our thoughts.
4. The Real Story of Pinocchio
Once upon a time, Gepetto, an old woodsman, living in the great Italian pine forest, was lonely. He always dreamed about having a son.
Each day, he went cutting woods for the town’s people. One day, an idea illuminated his mind, the idea of crafting a puppet, which he will call it Pinocchio. He crafted that puppet and during the night, the puppet becomes alive!
One year of happiness and thriller passed, on a Sunday morning, Gepetto told Pinocchio:
‘’It’s my birthday soon, my little son! I hope you didn’t forget it!’’
‘’Euh, sure, I didn’t!’’
Pinocchio felt awkward. He didn’t thought about that. Gepetto’s birthday was coming in only three days, and he hadn’t even a present.
After a long night of reflecting, Pinocchio finally decided to offer a homemade chocolate cake to him as a present.
When the sun rose, Pinocchio was already ready to go outside find the ingredients. The main problem was he didn’t even known the in and the recipe.
So after school, he decided to go ask someone for the ingredients to bake a cake. During his walk, Pinocchio, the wooden puppet, met the town’s sorcerer.
‘’Hey, little boy, do you need some help for your chocolate cake?’’
‘’Hum…You can help me?’’, asked Pinocchio.
‘’Sure, I can. Follow me!’’
After walking few minutes so, Pinocchio saw a big, big, big candy house. They entered together and Pinocchio got caught by a big cage.
‘’Mouahahaha!!! I finally caught you! You’ll be mine, you’re gonna work for me!’’, said the evil sorcerer.
Pinocchio was so scared. When the guards came and took him out of the cage, he immediately ran away very fast and he succeeded to escape.
At the same time, the evil sorcerer, calling all his troops with him, ran after him and he took out his magic wand. The evil devil changed the little wooden puppet into a chocolate cake!
When he came back home, he told the entire story to his father and they went to find the god fairy.
After a long trip, they finally find the god fairy and they got the magical potion for Pinocchio.
 Moral value:  we must not lie.

Senin, 03 Oktober 2016


hello guys!!
My name is Rindu Wulandari Bachtiar, i'm from x science 8 announce that we will have a night gathering for all student of 3 senior high school, and the gathering will be held on 5 december 2016 at centropunto cafe. For student who want to join us, you can switch your ticket with student card. You can come from 06.00 PM and the dresscode black and white. Thank you!


Senin, 26 September 2016

                                                        My Unforgettable Experience

Hello everyone, now I want to tell you my unforgettable experience.

Two years ago I and my family went to singapore for holiday but just my second oldest sister joined the trip because my first oldest sister had another  important things. I and my family went to singapore by plane at 05:00 AM the trip to 1 half ours.

we visited some places but the most unforgerttable when we visited universal studio singapore in universal studio singapore many rides but I just play some rides, in there I and my sister likes taking photo because the place very interesting.some places in universal studio singapore  inpiration from the disney, my favorite theme places is far far away in there very clown as shrek, princess viona, and the other form shrek the movie. 

I and my sister come to rides transformers is very  interesting because transfomers the movie very good I taking a photo with transformers character.I very happy can visited in here because the place became my favorite place.

another unforgettable experience when we visited sentosa for see show song of the sea i'm very happy can see song of  the sea because in indonesia I never see that. there is show like bursts of water and fire , the player plays his role with the energic, the shows duration around 1 half ours. if you want to see the show you can see in youtube or you can came to sentosa  but now I do not know the show was still there or not.

another unforgettable experience when we visited bugis to buy souvenirs I went to bugis by under ground train why I think this unforgettable experience because in bandung there is no under ground train and in singapore I like go around with MRT (under ground train) because faster than with car  but in bandung I dont like boarded the train.

Minggu, 18 September 2016

                                                               my favorite place

hello, welcome to my blog now i want to tell you about my favorite place and i have visited there. my favorite place is bali island, now i want to tell you why i choose bali.
Bali lies between the islands of Java and Lombok Island. The majority of Balinese are Hindu. In the world famous Bali as a tourist destination, capital city bali is denpasar. if you like beach you must to come to bali because i think beach in bali very interesting. In fact many beach in bali but i just like some of beach there.  if you come to bali, i think  there 7 places you must visit:
1. Kuta Beach 
Kuta Beach very famous in bali but now we look dirty, even if it looks dirty but many tourists come there.

2. Pura Tanah Lot 
 Pura Tanah Lot is one of the tourist attractions in Bali which is famous for its beauty, especially at sunset. Pura Tanah Lot consisting of two pieces of the temple is a temple where worship the god of the sea. The uniqueness of Pura Tanah Lot is a temple is located at the top of a large rock on the seafront.

3. garuda wisnu kencana
Garuda Wisnu Kencana or GWK  located in South Bali. Garuda Wisnu Kencana is a huge sculpture works of I Nyoman Nuarta. Currently, Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue has not been fully completed, only some of which have been completed, but even so you can still enjoy the splendor of Garuda Wisnu Kencana. In addition to the statue, you can also see the beauty of the limestone hill.

4. tanjung benoa
Tanjung Benoa bordering Nusa Dua, Bali is the center of sports and water games in Bali. water games that you can play here,  snorkel, sea walker, banana boat, parasailing, wakeboard, waterski, jetski, scuba diving, donut boat, flying fish, and others. In addition you can also go see a giant turtle in the turtle island by boat from Tanjung Benoa.

5. tari kecak uluwatu
Kecak is a Balinese dance the most famous and most interesting to watch. Of the many places that show the drop Kecak, I think the most interesting is the Kecak Uluwatu is located at Uluwatu. Kecak Uluwatu Kecak Balinese demonstrates against the background of sunset at Uluwatu very beautiful.

6. pura uluwatu
Uluwatu Temple is one of the tourist spots in Bali which is above a cliff that juts into Pura Uluwatu laut. In pura uluwatu you will encounter a number of monkeys that are believed to function to maintain the sanctity of Uluwatu.

7. la plancha
la plancha is new in Bali. la plancha same a small Cafe, la plancha  is located between the beach 66  and beach Gado Gado residing in around Seminyak.

1. What is the most famous dance from Bali?
A. Kecak
B. Jaipong
C. Piring        
 D. Merak

2. Who is made Garuda Wisnu Kencana?
A. Affandi
B. Basuki Abdullah
C. Nyoman Nuarta
D. Itji Tarmizi
3. What is the most common realigion in bali?
A. Budha
B. Islam
C. Kristen
D. Hindu
4. What is the similar of  splendor?
A. pomp
B. majesty
C. greatness
D. immense

5. What is the statement not correct based on the text?
A.The uniqueness of Pura Tanah Lot is a temple is located at the top of a large rock on the seafront.
B. La plancha is located between the beach 66  and beach Gado Gado residing in around Seminyak.
C. Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue has been fully completed.
D. Uluwatu Temple is one of the tourist spots in Bali which is above a cliff that juts into Pura Uluwatu laut.